Prowler C2 Series


Prowler C2

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The Prowler C2 LTATV is ATV Corp’s 2 seat utility based power house. It is powered by a 976cc Rotax V-twin engine putting out 85hp and with a payload capacity of 1250 lbs. (566.9 kg) It comes ready to take on the toughest jobs its operators can ask of it.

Datasheet: Prowler C2.pdf

Rotax, 976cc, V-Twin 85


Prowler C2-8

Part Number

The Prowler C2-8 LTATV is ATV Corp’s most budget friendly addition to the Prowler line-up. Just because of it’s slightly more budget friendly price don’t be fooled into thinking that it lacks the capabilities of it’s big brother the Prowler C2. The only differences between the Prowler C2-8 and the Prowler C2 is that the Prowler C2-8 comes equipped with a slightly smaller 800cc Rotax power plant, top speed of 65 mph and a payload capacity of 1200 lbs. (544.3 kg)

Datasheet: Prowler C2-8.pdf

Rotax, 799.9cc, V-Twin 71