Originally developed in 1998, All Terrain Vehicle Corporation formally introduced PROWLER, the industry’s first “quad” ATV with rack and pinion steering (no handlebars), automotive controls (no hand operated throttle and brake) and roll cage (now popularly called a Roll Over Protection System, or ROPS) was first delivered to the military in June 2002. An adaption of this unique concept was not made by recreational ATV manufacturers until late 2005.

The PROWLER is not a recreational vehicle. It was never conceived as such. It is a purposely designed platform as a commercially available product to satisfy a specific commercial/industrial requirement: to provide the most reliable performance and endurance in the most extreme of harsh terrain for the most demanding industrial users. The PROWLER is able to operate under conditions encountered in any climate or environmental circumstance. There is no other “LTATV” class of vehicle that even approaches the quality and performance characteristics of the PROWLER’s structural design, the materials and method of its construction or its functional components.

The PROWLER design concept provides an easily configurable, robust platform to satisfy a broad range of specific application requirements. This configuration versatility in a commercial off the shelf (COTS) platform makes it an ideal tactical mobility asset for military missions in ISR, Communications, Assault, or SAR as well as in Surveillance, Security, Patrol and First Responder ERV (Emergency Response Vehicle) Wildfire and Rescue applications.

Unlike any other vehicle in its class, the PROWLER represents and reflects the continuing process at Phoenix International of building a vehicle responsive to ongoing mission or application needs and risk assessment requirements as they are defined and reported directly from field operators.

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