About Us




About Us

All Terrain Vehicle Corp. (ATV Corp), founded in 2002, is exclusively dedicated to building PROWLER multi-mission configurable Light Tactical All Terrain (LTATV) and Very Light Strike (VLSV) Vehicles. The company is headquartered in Lake Elsinor, CA.  

Prowler platforms are deployed both domestically and internationally. U.S. customers include elements of the U.S. Special Forces Command, U.S. Department of Interior and the U.S. National Parks Service. Prowler’s worldwide customer base includes U.S. allies in Western Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

The rugged operational characteristics of the PROWLER are ideally suited to meet military light tactical mission mobility requirements. No other vehicle in this class can compare with its versatility. PROWLER is truly an Internally Transportable Vehicle (ITV) -- deployed in CV-22s, helos and other light cargo aircraft.

Founded by Amos Deacon, Jr., ATV Corp exemplify Mr. Deacon's deep patriotism and dedication to unsurpassed excellence in the development of ruggedized military hardware.